COCOLO'S HOME by Bettina
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Elegant animal nonsense and a favorite animal character in a new Cocolo story. This time the gentlemanly little donkey revisits his homeland with his master, Lucio. In spite of the fact that Cocolo's wife, Carmen, is to have a baby, Cocolo had become so homesick that his health was suffering, and there was nothing for it but that Lucio should take over the business mission of important Mr. Fatimus Greedy as an excuse for a trip to Italy with Cocolo, and a visit to his native village of Ravaya- Reena. Times have changed; the village seems not at all as he dreamed it. Cocolo is sold by mistake and treated just like any other donkey. Finally, after considerable excitement Cocolo is reunited with Lucio and they return to Lobster Bay in America and find that the new baby donkey, Piccolo, has arrived. The story ends with a grand family reunion, and the prediction that Cocolo's homesickness is cured once and for all.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Harper