BREAKING COVER by Bill with Mary Ellen Reese Gulley


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Yet another former White House employee tells all: some things we already know; much we do not care to know. Bill Gulley was in the White House Military Office from 1966-77, and in a strange collaborative format, he talks to Mary Ellen Reese--who records his words entirely in quotes with an occasional ""Gulley says. . ."" Through this off-putting style, we learn that a Secret Fund exists in the White House for such projects as building shelters for the President in case of attack, although the Fund has also financed conversion of an airplane hangar into an air-conditioned movie theater at the LBJ Ranch; that LBJ relieved himself in the flowers outside his ranch house (with guests nearby), and frequently entertained a lady-friend in the ""boudoir"" beside the Oval Office; that KGB men whisked a Russian stewardess into Brezhnev's room during a state visit here; and that Carter staffers threw fruit at one another aboard Air Force One. Gulley also claims that Senate Watergate Committee investigator Scott Armstrong was ""Deep Throat,"" and he quotes Nixon--to whom he is clearly sympathetic--as regretting Haldeman's position of power between himself and the rest of the staff. Most interesting is news of Nixon's behind the scenes role in the Ford campaign: planning secret strategy; urging Ford to take a stronger role with his staff; advising that Robert Hartmann (see below)--who allegedly had a drinking problem--be moved to the Navy Department (""Why we even had John Warner in that job,"" Nixon supposedly said regarding the role of Secretary, ""It's a job anyone can do""). Despite a few such bright moments, mostly tedious tattling.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Simon & Schuster