WHAT MEN WON'T TELL YOU BUT WOMEN NEED TO KNOW by Bob with Roger Gittines Berkowitz


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The former ""men's correspondent"" for the Today show, aided by free-lance writer Gittines, tells women that the key to getting and keeping a man is to understand his insecurities. Men are ""simpler"" than women, Berkowitz postulates: while women often try to communicate indirectly (leaving a magazine on his pillow, open to an article on a relevant subject, for instance), men just don't get it (""Honey, you left your magazine over here. Do you want it, or should I toss it?""). Women need, therefore, to speak up about what's on their minds. Because ""figuring out what a man wants from a relationship and marriage takes detective work,"" Berkowitz suggests the general answer: ""mutual ego support, love and a secure environment, sex."" With an emphasis on ego support. A man's identity is tied to his job performance (""this doesn't mean that your own career isn't important. . .but he needs to know that his own contribution is recognized""). If he's not good in bed, praise his performance--this new-found confidence will pay of fin virility spades: ""When we feel good about ourselves, when our self-esteem is riding high, everybody around us benefits."" Smaller in scope and therefore easier to digest than the De Angelis sex advice free-for-all (Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, reviewed below). Despite the occasional aw-shucks boys-will-be-boys message (""scream the dirty word commitment in a crowded men's locker room and there would be a stampede for the door""), this is a compilation of useful--and nonsexist--advice.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1989
ISBN: 0061450308
Publisher: Morrow