THE CHOICE by Boris Shub


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It lies between the armageddon of war -- and alliance with those forces in the Russian people which might overthrow the Stalin- Beria- Malenkov police state, so states the recent political adviser of the American radio station behind the Iron Curtain in Berlin. That the choice is a possible one Mr. Shub feels after witnessing the rapport between American and Russian troops at the Elbe, after talking with Russians who reflected the impact made by Land-Lease goods, after viewing the treatment of Russian slave laborers and repatriated POW's, after interviewing political refugees from the Soviet. He presents a forceful picture of the parallels and contrasts between the Russians of the First World War and the Second; he reports the revealing contrast between the honest opinion of Russians who have lived under Communism for 30 odd years- and the still passionate support of non-Russian communists. He firmly believes that increased literacy, generations-long experience in reading between the lines of events and statements, the 100-year struggle for freedom, the memories of the older generation, have conditioned the people to accept an alliance with the West against the regime that oppresses them. And the instruments? Voice of America broadcasts, dropped pamphlets, U.N. action- all designed to convince them that our quarrel is with their rulers. The solution seems a bit oversimplified in face of the Korean war, but at least it should strengthen the hands of those who plead for support on the psychological warfare front. Plenty of controversial material here which should provoke controversy.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce