THE GREAT RAPPROCHEMENT: England and the U.S. 1895-1914 by Bradford Perkins

THE GREAT RAPPROCHEMENT: England and the U.S. 1895-1914

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As the author points out, the period in question is one of the best-excavated in history. He has assembled a broad flow of data, but it leads to no very new or penetrating conclusions concerning America's change of heart from traditional Anglophobia to an entente based on ""community of outlook"" and short-term interest. Imperialism, Perkins observes, played a major part in changing public sentiment and government policy on both sides; imperial clashes and confluences from the Spanish-American War, the Latin American disputes and the Boer War to the race for economic penetration of China and Germany's increasing antagonism are recounted in largely diplomatic detail. ""Literary accommodations""--Henry James, for one--and journalistic comment on both sides enliven the chronicle, which offers marginal reference value for large collections.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1968
Publisher: Atheneum