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This will have double sale and distribution in the field of religious books, but we feel it should be reported here as a self -help, inspirational book which has already- in England- had phenomenal sales among people suffering from cancer and those most closely involved. For Brian Hession, clergyman of the Church of England, whose particular field had been for some years, the expansion of religion through the media of films, was given, in Los Angeles, a verdict of imminent death from a far-advanced, inoperable cancer. This is his testament of faith; his record of the part a determination to live and a belief in the infinite power of faith and prayer had in his survival. He dictated some of the text while on what was thought to be his deathbed; he shows incredible courage in facing the challenge, in analyzing the effect of pain, in offering to others what he has found of the value of realism, understanding and faith. He does not attempt to deny the rebellion, but he puts it in its place and converts it to a strengthening rather than a weakening factor. The last third of the book is written after he has made what is in the main a recovery though he knows he must live with fear and discomfort. But the strength that has become his spiritually is interpreted and defined ""as a new concept which involves more responsibilities, going deep into the heart of human suffering"". While he has made the application specifically to cancer, people suffering from other diseases may well find it helpful. He promises no short cut to cure through denial, but through affirmation, acceptance, and belief in the power of God to strengthen human will to live and to give that additional factor to aid the surgeon. While not great inspiration writing, this comes down to fundamentals realistically, and -- with cancer a menace faced daily -- should find an eager market.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1957
Publisher: Doubleday