MITRE AND SCEPTRE by  Bridenbaugh
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The American Revolution cannot be fully understood or explained unless the underlying Church struggle is given proper attention along with the political struggle. Prof. Carl Bridenbaugh of Brown University has written a fascinating historical study to show how religion was a fundamental cause of the Revolution, and that there cannot be any proper understanding of American history without proper attention to the religious experience of the people. Using unfamiliar manuscript and newspaper material, the author gives a highly interesting and original account of the attempt of the Church of England to export its influence and establish itself as the State Church in the American colonies in the period from 1689 to 1775, using the words of the participants in this struggle. the Anglican side they were Samuel Johnson of King's College, Thomas Chandler, Henry Caner and Samuel Auchmuty, with Ezra Stylen, Charles Chauncy, Francis Alison and William Livingston the American representatives of the English Dissenters, determined that Episcopal bishops should not be sent to the Colonies. Church of England pressure in this matter helped to lose the Colonies to the Crown, but the Church-State controversy helped to stimulate and provide the foundation for American nationalism. This is a most stimulating study not to be overlooked by any objective student of American history.

Publisher: Oxford