THE RAGGED ONES by Burke Davis


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The sixty days that led to Yorktown in which the Continental rabble -- always retreating -- harried and sniped at the lobsterbacks, form a sturdy, often rowdy, backbone for a story. Center spot is educated Blount, and his romance with Anna Graham, as they travel from South Carolina to Virginia; his running mate is the old schoolmaster, now scout for Daniel Morgan, Frohawk; their cowardly villain is Shugart, wise but undependable. The frame is the immediate saga of the little band of riflemen who taunt a superior force, of a stinkin' army, tiny and raw but anxious to be more than whipped dogs, and there is a roll call of the people of history (Morgan, Nathanael Greene, Light Horse Harry Lee, etc.), of the volunteers who could leave at any moment. The spurts of despair, the signposts to inevitable independence a rough, hoarse, live echo of the Times.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1951
Publisher: Rinehart