THE NEW MEN by C. P. Snow


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This sequel to Time of Hope and The Light and the Dark (Macmillan) is again a quiet drama of intellectual inquiry and the ""new men"" are those engaged in the development of the fission bomb, some following the persistence of the scientific drive- others searching for personal power and susceptible to political influence. Lewis Eliot, of the earlier books, now holding an important Ministry post, records the project known as Mr. Toad, on which his younger broker Martin- a physicist- is working- with an eye on his own future rather than that of mankind. Luke, another- and a superior scientist- is the victim of the dangerous experimentation which follows, and Sawbridge, a gentle liberal, is sacrificed to expediency. The morality of the bomb itself is finally an issue between the two brothers, and Martin's retreat to pure science- untouched by a power equilibrium- forces Lewis to recognize his own identification with his brother..... For the thoughtful reader, the complex here of ideas and ideals, the duality of progress- towards destruction, forms an abstraction which is handled with intelligence.

Pub Date: Jan. 10th, 1954
Publisher: Scribner