GET TOUGH! by Capt. W. E. Fairbairn


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This title is misleading -- for this is a book for the Commandos (by one of them), and other hand-to-hand fighting groups. (Not a book on physical conditioning, which the title suggested to me.) The author was former Assistant Commissioner of the Shanghai Police and is now an officer of the British Commandos. This is a handbook on hand to hand fighting, as taught to his Majesty's forces, Commandos, parachute troops, Home Guard, and to the U. S. Marine Corps units stationed in Shanghai in 1927-40. Simple but terrible methods, predicated on the assumption that if you don't kill or capture you will be killed or captured. Practice is essential -- but there's warning against possible lethal outcome if too thorough. The text covers types of holds, protection, ways of securing prisoners, etc. etc. Current interest material, by an expert who has been loaned to us and is now teaching closecombat to instructores of the U. S. armed forces. Value indicated for civilians, with suggestions as to how to choose the methods adapted to your needs and aptitude. A number of years ago jiujitsu was a fad. Here is its modern successor.

Pub Date: July 17th, 1942
ISBN: 0873640020
Publisher: Appleton-Century