THE CRIME OF CUBA by Carleton Beals


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Taken with THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE, this book should complete the destruction of any illusions we might harbor concerning our national honor and political integrity! A university course in debunking the U. S. A. The Beals book is an expose of our misgovernment in Cuba, and the disgraceful part we have played in her tragic history past and present, economic, social, political. Sins of omission perhaps even more than sins of commission. The story of Cuba is the story of tyranny-Spain, the United States, Wall Street, and now, closely linked with the immediate past, the dictatorship of Machado, which makes Mussolini look like a Sunday School picnic. The whole story is told with vigorous and purposeful drama, and interwoven with the governmental crimes is an underlying picture of a people who have been able to keep alive a national entity, a many faceted personality, glamorous and repellent at the same time, Spanish, Negro, Creole, Cuban. Possibly there is too much historical and political detail, too careful documentation, for the man in the street, who enjoyed MEXICAN MAZE, but assuredly the book for the thoughtful reader, who is not afraid to face facts in regard to our imperialistic policy. A plus sale in connection with this book might be made in Wilson Wright's MAN WANTS BUT LITTLE (Boni), reviewed in the May 15th bulletin, a novel dealing with the peasant problem in Cuba.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1933
Publisher: Lippincott