CHEAP CHIC UPDATE by Carol & Caterine Milinaire Troy


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Barbara Walters said the original was ""written only for skinny young girls who don't have jobs,"" but here it is back again, updated in day-glo pink and spangled superlatives. Style, they say, is all: whether you choose a Gernreich ""tunic"" panelled leotard for disco dancing or still wear your high school tweeds, glue shoulder pads on for a Tony Perkins look or wrap yourself in gauze. Gilda Radner has a wardrobe based on ""What doesn't itch."" Ingeborg Day, who wears all black all winter, figures ""Cost Per Wear."" Fran Lebowitz opts for Grouchy Simplicity, Lauren Hutton for jeans and Topsiders. The looks are distinctive, from Thirties filmstar sleek to ""Ragpicker Deluxe."" Included in the revised edition: sections on sportswear, ethnic clothes, and catalogue hits (Montgomery Ward to Frederick's of Hollywood) plus a list of stores for future reference, stores with names like Early Halloween, Last Tango, and The Emotional Outlet.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1978
Publisher: Crown