FEAR IS THE SAME by Carter Dickson


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Toying with time, this transports a modern couple back to the Whig world of 1795 and confronts them with a murder that parallels contemporary existence. Lord Glenarvon is married to iniquitous Chloris, who has not been slow to take advantage of his milksop character, but with the coming of Jennifer, a country relation of Lady Oldham's, Philip is sparked into displaying his 20th century prowess in boxing and wins the Prince of Wales' approval when he beats the Bristol Smasher and the champ, Gentleman Jackson. The playwright Sheridan is his friend too; when the Chtoris' maid is murdered and Phil and Jennifer flee, he gives them refuge and, when their highly placed enemies pursue further, it is the Prince who hears their case- and the truth of the murder- which takes them back into their present day lives. A romp through Regency days which borrow from history to add to its suspenseful telling.

Publisher: Morrow