THE RADIANT SEAS by Catherine Asaro


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More romancing and high-tech saber-rattling in the far future: a sequel to Primary Inversion (1995), as the Skolian Empire again squares off against the feudal Traders and their sadistic Aristo leaders. Jaibriol of the Highton Aristos, heir to the Trader leadership, a telepathic, sensitive guy, is secretly married to ""Soz"" Sauscony, a psi-powered Jagernaut warrior and next in line to the Skolian throne. (Yes, the irony is that heavy-handed.) Jaibriol, presently a prisoner of Soz's brother, the Emperor Kurj, escapes his cell and attempts to leave at lightspeed with Soz in hot pursuit. Both ships vanish, but there are plenty of adventures ahead. Eventually, Jaibriol will become Emperor Qox, and Soz will take over as Imperator Skolia when Kurj blows up himself and his opposite number. With the empires at war, you'd expect complications, and you'd be right. Despite the spectacular science, the milieu is Star Wars space fantasy, and should find its natural audience thereabouts.

Pub Date: Dec. 7th, 1998
ISBN: 0786173521
Page count: 512pp
Publisher: Tor