BEYOND OUR SELVES by Catherine Marshall


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This is perhaps the most practical book Catherine Marshall has written- and her intent in each of the books drawn from the life and sermons of her husband, Peter Marshall, has been to perpetuate his practical Christianity for a waiting world. Now she has tapped another source- herself. This book is in great measure autobiographical; there are glimpses of a happy childhood and youth, of a happy marriage- and then of the long months of illness, through which she eventually came to give herself to God's purpose- and ultimately to healing. From then on her belief in the power of God's love was unshakeable- though she had her human moments of backsliding. This book is powerful documentary evidence of the power that is largely untapped, inexperienced. Man - she feels -- can be changed, but only by the power that is God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Under that guidance (more spiritually presented than in the material approach of positive thinking) the everyday matters can be the concern of spirit. The need- and the recognition of the need - must be there. This book is crammed with case histories - human documents - and few of them are told on an emotional level. Considerable attention is devoted to the newly awakened interest in spiritual healing. Catherine Marshall has succeeded in sharing her conviction and her joy in that conviction that there is nothing hopeless if only man yields his will to God.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1961
Publisher: McGraw-Hill