LOOK ALIVE, LIBBY! by Catherine Wooley


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Libby is no Cathy Leonard -- but she is kin to her in many of the identifiable aspects of an 11-year old, especially an 11-year old brought up in the city. Libby couldn't imagine how one went about cleaning up a mess of shingles, plaster, cobwebs, etc., without an efficient cleaning woman. She couldn't imagine staying in the same room with a mouse- or digging tiny cocoons out of corners -- or disposing of hundreds of greedy ants- or scaring a snake away from a birdsnest- or doing any of the things Bill, the neighbor's son, took for granted. But Libby grew up in that blissful summer on the Cape with her aunt- and she and Bill found that- behind the facade of a showoff- even Bart, a boy movie star, was human and fun- and lonely. Liz Dauber's line illustrations are awkward and unglamorous- but then Cathy Leonard fans seem to take her in stride.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Morrow