THE HUNGER by Charles Beaumont


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A collection of short stories has its interest in macabre grotesques, in worlds of detestation and in violence that has a feeling of being pulled out of shape. There's more than one phantom lover; there's a preoccupation with death -- and murder; there are a few that stay close to the ground, and there are a few that take a humorous turnabout. It's quite a spread which is not particularly a good midnight snack, particularly if you hit on open House Miss Man makes normal sex criminal while the title story uses a sex maniae as a terror theme; perhaps The American is the happiest combination of canny ness. Definitely an off-beat item, this would take a personal enthusiasm (or its reverse) to place it, and a double check would keep it from the nice .

Pub Date: April 26th, 1957
Publisher: Putnam