A HOG ON ICE by Charles Earle Funk


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Phrase sleuthing in the origins and developments of common folk sayings, that investigates the figurative meanings today, gives the dates of first usage, and the connection with the way in which first used. An individual collection of phrases, fancied by the author because of their place in our language, this sometimes goes back 2,000 years for the original practice, and gives a lively account of the altering of meanings, and the clues by which he traced the story of the sayings. Old familiars,- blue funk, spick and span, cold feet, small fry, white feather, scot free, humble pie, ghost writer, big shot, curry favor, lion's share, crocodile tears, to teach one's grandmother to suck eggs, and so on- these are combined with newcomers, and the whole makes a pleasant companion volume to other word usage books.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1947
Publisher: Harper