JOBS, MEN AND MACHINES: Problems of Automation by Charles- Ed. Markham

JOBS, MEN AND MACHINES: Problems of Automation

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On May 15, 1963, a conference sponsored by the American Foundation on Automation and Employment was held to discuss ""Solutions to the Problems of Automation and Employment"". Here is the edited transcript of the meeting with contributions by leaders in management, labor and government. They discuss the problems of automation in relation to minorities, its international aspects, the root meaning of automation for man. They go on to weigh the potential solutions: portable pension and early retirement, retraining, a shorter work week, an early warning system. The place of arbitration and strikes is also considered. The book concludes with an extensive interview with Secretary of Labor Wirtz on the total problem. The conference was based on the combination of automation approaching affinity and total employment approaching zero, which may indicate the philosophy here. An at-work approach, rather than scholarly one, for persons in the field.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1964
Publisher: raeger