SUPERSENSES: Our Potential for Parasensory Experience by Charles Panati

SUPERSENSES: Our Potential for Parasensory Experience

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One more survey which attempts to adorn psi with respectability. Beginning with dreams and hypnosis as states susceptible to telepathic communications, Panati advances through OOBE's (""out-ofthe-body-experiences""), clairvoyance, mysticism, precognition and how Everyman is a potential psychic. The fact that much of the information may seem beyond the pale does not mean that it can be dismissed as unworthy of further research -- there are some viable hypotheses concerning the existence of ""parasensory phenomena."" And yet the skeptic will remain unconvinced by this book because the subject is not amenable to rational, empirical scrutiny. How can one be objective in judging what portion of an image was telepathically transmitted? How does one account for the fact that psychic ability is proportional to belief in it? Is an ESP researcher who also practices LSD therapy creditable? Panati compounds such problems by offering sophomoric theories on energy-matter transformations and time (he is intent on adapting Einstein). In short, you've probably heard all this before, and it probably won't change your mind.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co.