SILENT ARMY by Chin Kee Onn


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A story of Chinese resistance in the face of Japanese infiltration and invasion during the war years has the conviction of experience- but only the bare pretext of a plot and it is as a record of havoc and atrocity, and courage and endurance, that this must be read. Liu Fong leaves Singapore, and his young wife and infant, to go into the war zone and attend the bedside of his dying mother. He is caught by the Japanese influx over the Siamese border, and it is there that he first meets the lovely Suet (Susy) Wan. Return to Singapore in an attempt to contact his family reveals that they have left for the safety of India, Liu Fong goes back to Ipoh to engage in the resistance with his uncle Liu and Susy whom he rescues a second time from the Japanese Michiyako whom he helps to kill. He is arrested as a Communist and his interrogation is a long ordeal of torture. Uncle Liu engineers his escape- and is killed on the battlefield, and Susy, critically injured, is not spared an agonizing death.... A presumably verbatim transcript of the rampant terrorism of the Japanese, in a country determined to regain its lost freedom, but will it find a public?

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1953
Publisher: Longmans, Green- Ballantine