FINAL APPROACH by Christopher Hodder-Williams


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A plane crash which takes the life of pilot Eric Emerson leaves many questions still up in the air- and his brother John, who inherits his interest in the airline (as well as an attraction to the two women in his life) attempts to find some fuller explanations for his death. For, over and above the secretive to obstructive behavior of the other members of the board, there are discrepancies and irregularities; some missing pages in a log book-and a missing letter; the question of Eric's fitness to fly (vertigo)- as well as the plane's; and there is a strenuous, second-splitting finish in which new evidence reverses the court enquiry and saves another flight..... Much of the excitement of this author's Chain Reaction is to be found in the personal angles as well as the procedural aspects and this should find a clear runway-to the readership of David Beatty or Ernest Gann.

Publisher: Doubleday