A FLAG IN THE CITY by Christopher Landon


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An adventure story that sweeps along at gale speed, this features Major Bill Conway, British officer tapped by Intelligence for some special missions in the mountains and mainstreets of Persia. The time is World War II, and the intrigue involves Russians, Germans, Persians, and Poles -- the last in the form of Bill's beloved Tania, whom his major enemy kills for spite. Bill, always plucky, often lucky, and sometimes smart, seeks the identity of the Skull, the Friends of Iran, and wins the friendship of the mountain tribes for the Allies. He manoeuvers in a rough crowd, escapes almost certain death to save the top-level conferees on their way to Teheran, brings about the German Skull's death, and returns, a lonely, battered hero, to England -- his friends, enemies, and beloved strewed behind him. Plenty of surface action in this one-man-hurricane narrative.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1954
Publisher: Macmillan