THE SUPER SUMMER OF JAMIE MCBRIDE by Christopher S. & Jack Shepherd Wren


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A dogged smiting of the hip with thigh-high cut-up humor, something on the order of yesterday's Ballyhoo magazine. Thirteen-year-old Jamie, whose protest activities (thrust upon him by classmates) fizzled damply at the eighth grade graduation from the Clover Valley Country Day School, is approached and about to be had by beautiful Constant Flowersong. Constant had run through just about every option in four years of college -- black power, free love and hare krishna -- but she was still a virgin. And what could be better than making it with someone ""pure, natural, untouched."" Thus Jamie, and the two are off on the commune bit, the psyched-out sensitivity training, the riots, guerrilla action. Because of a TV orgy, Jamie becomes a rallying point and is conveniently jailed. He is rescued by golden ager Miss Plum and sent to St. Cuthbert's where he at last trains for football after an invigorating summer. Too much, too loud, too wild -- certainly less than super.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1970
Publisher: Simon & Schuster