MOVE UP IN YOUR JOB by Clark C. Stockford


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Mr. Stockford has built up a reputation, through his lecture on ""What Are You Worth? -- And Why?"" and this book is based on the processes back of that lecture. It is an inspirational pep talk, with some sound advice, not on procedure so much as point of view. He firmly believes that, given a clear and honest understanding of one's own capacities, positive and negative characteristics, faculties, capacities, one can strengthen the positive and eliminate the negatives and make of oneself what one wants to be. His self analysis charts, his suggested exercises for self improvement, his discussions of the whys lack of our mistakes, should prove helpful to those who need this sort of push up the ladder. One of the most helpful parts of the book was the section on getting a job-and a letter as a sample which anyone might write-but which few peolle could write. Another book for the vocational shelf.

Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls