HOW AMERICA EATS by Clementine Paddleford
Kirkus Star


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This is first rate Americana, broadly compassing all of the United States viewed from the angle of the well-known food authority (This Week and The N.Y. Herald-Tribune), who traveled the length and breadth of the land collecting recipes. But it is much more than an American cookbook. She has caught the regional flavor, the personalities of the people from whom she got the recipes. Unlike other books in this area, the source of her material has been individuals, locally famous for their specialties, rather than restaurants and hotels. More than 800 tested recipes are the result- and a mouth watering lot they are. It was nostalgic reading for one who has eaten perceptively through most of New England, and fun for those in the Mid-West and Deep South to savor the quality of a real clam bake, or a sugaring out, lobster in a dozen or more guises. and oysters in more ways than one dreams of. And conversely, the Deep South, the Mid-West, the Far West are regionally and gastronomically brought into awareness by readers. For this is a book to read as well as to put on the cookbook shelf. It is too a book to look at, with 17 half tone photographs, 6 full pages in full color, and literally hundreds of decorative and amusing spot drawings in line. In format it will match America's Garden Book- page size 7fl x 9 -- double column for easier consultation on the recipes themselves.

Publisher: Scribner