MY DAYS WITH THE DIESEL by Clessie L. Cummins


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Once upon a time, in the faraway city of Columbus, Indiana, a little diesel company lived that was very poor because that October in the year 1929, the sky fell in and covered the land with tarnished hopes. What is a diesel? A diesel is an oil-burning engine and at that time diesels were only used for powering yachts, or at least that was the kind of diesel that Clessie Cummins' little diesel company made. But oh! the markets were gone. And oh! the company was sinking, and the big had bank was snapping at the door. ""Who's afraid of the big bad bank!"" cried Clessie Cummins. And on Christmas Day 1929, Clessie Cummins had an inspiration that changed the world. Clessie Cummins bought a great big Packard Limousine. And out went the motor! And in went a diesel! And Clessie Cummins notified the big loud wire services that he would drive his big oil-burning Packard from Columbus to New York City in the dead of winter to the National Automobile Show...over 900 miles! And that's just what Clessie Cummins did, and when the world heard that he had made the trip for a teensy $1.38 worth of fuel, it flipped. Let us put diesels into trucks! cried the automotive industry. And it did. And that was how Clessie Cummins, now 78 years old, saved his little diesel company back in 1929 on Christmas Day.

Publisher: Chilton