TEMPEST IN PECOS by Cocil Cothrun


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The author of this book is the mayor of Pecos, Texas, a town which he claims is ""modern and progressive"". It is also the home of Billie Sol Estes, and the Drs. Dunn and Avery, publishers of the local paper which first broke the Estes scandal. The latter are not only full time medical doctors and newspaper men, but they are also John Birch Society members and one of them rides around all night playing policeman. The mayor himself is partisan--not necessarily pro-Estes but anti-Dunn and Avery. He is not a literary man- in fact he isn't very literate. He not only cannot tell an adjective from an adverb but he also has no regard for form or perspective. Finally, he hasn't contributed anything very useful about Estes himself. However, in other, perhaps unintended ways, this is an immensely interesting book if properly interpreted. It is a portrait of a small town power struggle with all its heady gossip and microcosmic drama. And although the U.S. may be already predominantly metropolitan, towns such as Pecos, or Hazard, Ky., or Newburgh, N.Y. have their effect upon the whole country.

Publisher: Naylor