THE MOLLIWUMPS by Cocil Maiden


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The International Fairies' Guild has given Clarence and Selina Molliwump the difficult assignment of getting best friends Roberta (in New York) and Jane (in London) together. To accomplish this and keep everybody content with the necessary changes in their lives, the two Victorian Fairies leave Roberta's Victorian dollhouse where they normally live and travel on wish waves to London, Scotland, Tobago, and Boston. Emptying their small bag of tricks, they whisper thoughts of love and marriage in the ears of two receptive tycoons, urge a vain filly to win a race, and supplement the creative fancy of Jane's window designer father. Mission accomplished, of course. Complete lack of any characterization of Roberta and Jane or of any information about their lives removes the possibility of reader sympathy with the humans; the slight plot featuring a bourgeois couple who happen to be sprites precludes extra-terrestrial involvement. As invisible as a fairy you don't believe in.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1967
Publisher: Viking