THE SILVER ANSWER by Constance Buel Burnett


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This biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning is very like Helen Waite's How Do I Love Thee? (Macrae-Smith, 1953). The two books are comparable in scope and in spirited sympathy for their subject, though Constance Burnett's may afford a somewhat closer look at the more eccentric qualities of the personalities involved. Making the most of the colorful elements in the familiar incidents, the narrative begins with Ba's country childhood and the family centered life that continued to be dominated by Mr. Browning until Ba was well into adulthood. There is the series of accidents and illnesses that led to an even more introspective and sequestered existence through which she was known by name only to the outer world. But it was a name with a strong enough pull to attract Robert Browning. Their halting romance and eventual happiness get full and tender treatment here for a young introduction to two loved characters of the English literary world.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1955
Publisher: Knopf