CHRIST AND THE FINE ARTS by Cynthia Pearl Maus
Kirkus Star


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The average anthology is ""out"". This is tops -- definitely different , useful and practical. While covering virgin ground it is full of the best known (as well as unknown) examples of the arts for Miss Maus has combined painting, poetry, literature and music to create her unique work. There is an undeniable charm which makes it good reading, excellent for any type of class; schools, clubs, churches will all find refreshing and stimulating material ideally fitted to their needs. After several chapters on poems, pictures in religious education, spiritual values in stories, and music there are six devoted to the life of Jesus and its implications. This book is so spontaneous and original that if handled cleverly it has a chance for big sale. Suggest it to schools, colleges, educators, clubs, clergy and discriminating customers. It is a dark horse merely because it is an anthology but it can win if you give it a good ride.

Publisher: Harper