PLANT DOCTORING IS FUN by Cynthia Westcott


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This is for a specialized market- but for that market, it is essential reading. Those of us who have been getting acquainted with Dr. Westcott for all the years since we put The Plant Doctor on our ready reference shelf will love every page of this autobiography, even if we bog down in the scientific details. She has a gift for capturing one's interest even in the exploration of plant diseases is remote from one's own problems. This is a book about plant doctoring; it is also a travel book for gardeners, taking one into the South, the Southwest, the Pacific Coast, the Northwest. It is an adventure in writing, in lecturing, in getting to know all sorts of people interested in all sorts of gardening. In the process, one's curiosity is altered... Put this in your garden book section- but have an extra copy in autobiographies, for you get acquainted with a very warmly likable person.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1957
ISBN: 0548385114
Publisher: Van Nostrand