SEMI-TOUGH by Dan Jenkins


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Semi-Tough is Sports Illustrated Dan Jenkins' cock and bull (it's hard to say which gets priority here) story about a Giants-Jet playoff in Los Angeles via the unofficial record book kept by Texan Billy Clyde Puckett, a scrambling quarterback, just before the Super Bowl. And about his best friend Shake with whom he sometimes has conversations ""about what the world amounted to. We didn't generally get too serious."" And about Barbara Jane Bookman who is Billy Clyde's idea of what a just about perfect girl should be although she's Shake's and he doesn't show any signs of marrying her -- in fact he disappears altogether at the end of the game since he's got some hang up to hang out. . . and about a lot of other girls or Wool or Stoves (you'll pick up a whole new frame of reference) who turn up for the pre-game activities (you may be left wondering what kind of ball game is involved) and. . . . It's a real ""ass tickler"" which in spite of its everyothermother-word vernacular retains a kind of innocence -- the romance is certainly appealing -- and for the most part it's more than semi-funny.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1972
ISBN: 1560258594
Publisher: Atheneum