QUEST FOR THE LOST CITY by Dana and Ginger Lamb
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In 1938 the Lambs wrote The Enchanted Vagabonds which was fascinating adventure and they have repeated their intrepid wanderings in this -- to locate the lost city of the Oncas. Years of research preceded their travels, a Model T Ford took them part of the way south, along the west coast of Mexico, and then on foot, to harden them for the jungles, they made their way to their jumping off place. First scouting by plane they found exactly where they were heading, then, backing, hewing and crawling, they reached the place where they made tentative gestures to the Indians. When their friendship was approved they lived in the native village, saw ancient rites and had to forgo the chance to see the ""golden books"" when film gave out, and their return for more brought them news of the war with Japan. Years later, constantly thwarted, they made their return trip, found the buried relics they were sure existed -- and saw it all vanish in a tropical storm. Mighty potent stuff, not only of the dangers of the trail -- accidents, sickness and other hazards -- but of the warmth of human relations they experience, the heart-holding personalities they get to know, and of their own valiant, gay characters. Grand going.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1951
ISBN: 1590480791
Publisher: Harper