MAN ALIVE: You're Half Dead by Daniel C. Munro

MAN ALIVE: You're Half Dead

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This book has made me squeamish about what I am eating for the twenty four hours since I finished reading it, for here is a program of vitamin consideration that out-Hays the Hay Diet. In view of the enormous popularity of that program for health, this may have a similar success, for Dr. Munro is well known through his years of association with the Lake Piacid Club, and his work in the advance guard on diets as preventive -- as well as curative -- medicine. His theory is a theory of combinations, rather than omissions. I confess I found some of it pretty hard to take, and his assumption that the reader is thoroughly familiar with what foods belong to which class (proteins, carbo-hydrates, fats, etc.) and what each vitamin signified, left me wondering whether I was singularly unaware of the tremendous vogue of diet conscious people. This is no reducing formula (though that is touched upon) but diet for general and better health.

ISBN: 1164489100
Publisher: Courtenay