DRIFTER by Daniel P. Mannix


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Drifter is a sea lion rescued from a fatal orphanhood by young Jeddy, son of a half-Indian animal hunter. Jeddy's dirt poor existence in a California backland is elevated considerably when a kindhearted itinerant animal dealer clues him in on a job at a marineland where he brings Drifter and helps out veteran trainer Capt'n Billy -- a whizbang, old-style pro. Jeddy and Drifter make quite a splash, but Jeddy must go back to home and school. Jeddy accompanies his father on a last hunt -- jaguars in Mexico -- but then his father is killed. Jeddy who saved a man's life, is rewarded by the firm prospect of college and a career of studying animal behavior. An elementary boy-and-pet sunshine tale with, sadly, a strong sexist bias (young female readers will not like Jeddy's sister who is made to speak for her sex and prefers dresses to sea lions). However, there's some convincing dialogue, good dog and hunting action and inside procedures for training sea lions. For the most part, flipping good of its kind.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1974
Publisher: Reader's Digest Press--dist. by Dutton