RUE NOTRE DAME by Daniel Pezeril


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Considerable attention has been drawn of late to the state of the church in France. Increasingly Catholic leaders have come to realize that the working class of France has been lost to the church almost entirely, while the allegiance of the middle class and intellectuals has been all too perfunctory. Serious and intelligent efforts are being made to revitalize religion for the masses. Written in the form of a diary kept by a superannuated priest, this book tells how in his old age one priest realized how perfunctory his ministry had been and how hopeful he felt about the ministry of a young priest and protegee who was endeavoring to make the Gospel come alive to the teeming masses in the slums of Paris. Not too interestingly written, it is chiefly significant as a straw in the winds blowing over France.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1953
Publisher: Sheed & Ward