BORGEL by Daniel Pinkwater


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A jaunt through time, space, and ""the other things"" ends in a transcendental experience for young Melvin Spellbound. When mysterious ""Uncle"" Borgel decides to go out for a spin in his 1937 Dorbzeldge sedan, he invites Melvin and his dog Farrier along. The Dorbzeldge, no ordinary automobile, takes an awed, excited, and sometimes terrified Melvin down the interdimensional highway past an alien root-beer stand, an omniscient computer in the shape of a giant popsicle, and past the very gate to Hell. Along the way he hears lectures on the Nature of Things ("". . .time is like a map of the state of New Jersey""); encounters a Bloboform, an Amorphoid Fleshopod, green apes, and an evil Grivnizoid named Freddie; and joins the ultimately successful search for the Great Popsicle, one of the two dozen or so Manifestations of God. The plot may dart about frantically, but the author's hand urges it firmly toward Melvin's final epiphany, while the way is left open for--sequels. Pinkwater at his most cosmic.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1990
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Macmillan