THE LONELY DOLL by Dare Wright
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**...will be pet of the nursery, for though she's just a ank of hair, a pair of large fawn-like eyes and a flirty skirt, there's an adventurous heart in her saw-dust chest. For ever so long she hoped and hoped for a playmate. Photographs show her praying for a playmate, cating breakfast all alone, and even being rebuffed by the pigeons, until one fine day into her garden stroll Mr. Bear and diminutive Little Bear. More delicious pictures show the fun that followed, as the demure little vixen doll and Little Bear go skylarking at the beach, climbing up on flowerpots -- and even venturing alone upon a great big city bridge... It was rainy day boredom that made Mr. Bear cross with them, for they couldn't resist the fun of trying on the grown-up things to be found in a closet . . . high heels, lipstick and jewels. Little Bear went too far when he wrote across the mirror in lipstick. ""Mr. Bear is a silly old thing"". Happily the lonely doll repented right away when Mr. Bear discovered their wickedness.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1957
ISBN: 039590112X
Publisher: Doubleday