PLAY IT TO A BUST by Dave Greenberg


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The Super Cops, Dave Greenberg and Bob Hantz, known as Batman and Robin, return for a dozen more improbable cases and further harassment by the New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Division. Greenberg alone wrote this book and, like Bruce Wayne, plays the lead, taking more ZAPS, POWS, slugs, cuts and muggings than any human seems able to survive. But, despite gallons of his blood splashing the panels, Greenberg brings home the bad guys in case after case, shows up the IAD and his superiors as mostly lunkheads, grafters, and, if not incompetent, at least blindly self-interested. The cases, which take place mainly in Brooklyn's high-crime Bedford-Stuyvesant section, have the credibility of comic strips and much the same dialogue, with Greenberg and Hantz trading quips in the midst of gunbattles, dull jests that would make their namesakes blush. And there's much heartwringing between the dynamic duo, each pretty much in tears when the other's blown hors de combat. The bat-brained crimebusters, who seem to read each other's mental radar waves, have been kicked upstairs from their street beat and made detectives in an effort to separate them. But they keep right on working together, dressed like the draggiest of beatniks (Greenberg even works one case costumed as a woman). Strained exploitation.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1975
Publisher: Hawthorn