PRISON OF ICE by David Axton


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Man against the stunning fierceness of the Arctic during a world-wide drought, a 60-bomb threat ticking against zero hour, a honeyhaired largebreasted Nobel Prizewinner with goosebumps and sly eyes when she strips amid six men suiting up to dive. Add one homicidal pornography-crazed psychopath, a Russian spy cub searching for a foothold on a galeblasted glacier, madly erratic currents, instant frostbite, fissures appearing everywhere, attempted murder at 400 feet underwater, a submerged volcano, a tidal wave, and a plot that ends at an erotic festival in Paris's Crazy Horse Saloon followed by sex at the sumptuous Hotel George V with Moet & Chandon iced in the bubbly bucket, and you have a reasonably intense, even coolly thrilling live mackerel to warm up to in bed--if you like to lie around thinking about shaved ice in your less serious moments.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott