THE SIREN SONG by David Beaty


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As against earlier flying stories which took off from the same runway as Ernest Cann, this new novel- while again using an aeronautical background- is grounded in a nasty little menage a trois. Anne Corby, 25, rather despises her crisp, grey husband Maurice who lacks a certain cruelty she desires in men to make a woman of her. At the moment, he is checking out pilots for British Empire Airways on the uses of Autoland, an electronic device for robot landings during nil visibility. The device is faultless, but Philip Matherson, a young and attractive Captain, has little faith in it. He would have been wiser to distrust Anne, who seduces him and becomes pregnant by him (an accomplishment of which Maurice is incapable). Maurice then, his cuckoldry confirmed, engineers the crash in which Philip is killed (""not murder"" but ""justice"") and the truth, revealed to Anne alone during the accident inquiry to follow.... An ironic little crime of passion with a James M. Cain twist at the finish, or, some misspent moments calculated to kill time. This it does, smoothly and easily.

Publisher: Morrow