THE MAN WHO DID by David Bolt


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Into a boarding house in Rhodestown, South Africa (near Cape Town) and into the lives of all the residents there walks an unassuming man named Simon. There is nothing out of the ordinary about him, and he interacts with the inhabitants crucial changes occur. Mrs. Tyler, wife of the owner, stops drinking to pick up the reins of the hotel; her son Nicolas, a little in love with Elisabeth, saved from the crash of an oak tree, as if miraculously, and sees his way to becoming a priest. Elisabeth herself comes to understand her fiance Karl and his need for her and casts aside her feeling for the Englishman Kenneth Baines and for Simon himself... Other destinies equally affected, the dwellers depart on separate paths. The author quickly creates a limbo world and peoples it with individuals a bit more realistic than the man Simon, whose clairvoyance, based on absolute unselfishness and compassion, is relentless. Moderately effective.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1964
Publisher: John Day