ONE HUNDRED TONS OF GOLD by David Leon Chandler


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Treasure hunting in the mountains of New Mexico is no minor pursuit: what could be the largest gold cache ever hidden may be tucked into a cave in Victorio mountain--if it hasn't already been removed to the nearby Caballos range. The treasure apparently does exist, or did, has been sighted by living men, and has even been depleted by known and unknown parties. It's on the White Sands Missile Range and the federal government--contrary to state laws--has also been secretly digging. The Army claims nothing's afoot. Nonetheless, a 1977 expedition formed by a coalition of all parties now concerned found that the Army had blasted some inner caverns and sealed them with steel doors. Some few bars that appeared earlier were assayed at 60% gold, 40% copper and were made by an ancient smelting process. Has the entire horde been secreted away to Zurich? Where did it come from? No answers are conclusive. That something is still there also seems likely, since radar confirms the existence of a gigantic cavern said to be the main repository. A hot story told with great cool by a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday