THE SLUMS: Challenge and Response by David R. Hunter

THE SLUMS: Challenge and Response

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Over twelve million people live in American urban slums today,"" says David R. Hunter in his study. It is these people whose lives he would change. He first surveys the types of slums and types of inhabitants (there are slums of hope and despair, of entry areas and social rejects), and weighs the costs in health services and human terms. This is the challenge; the response is a battle waged on many fronts, the prime target the people who live in slums and the systems of life they are in. ""The objective of policy and action should be to make people better qualified to make free choices, and to increase the chances open to them."" Mr. Hunter investigates the roles of education, economic self sufficiency and employment, political and citizen participation, the physical environment, the social and health services. His proposals for action in these areas provide a general basis for procedure. Essentially for those active in the field.

Publisher: Macmillan-Free Press