THE PAPER ECONOMY by David T. Bazelon


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A commanding view of our present politico-economics, of ""new property forms and old ideologies"", presents the thesis that to win the cold war permanent social and economic changes are in order. The crisis demanding such changes, the author says, is close at hand. Characterizing our economy as one operating on paper -- paper money, checks, bonds, credits, and so on, he holds big business bluster and egghead brain trusting equally responsible for our current economic troubles. He provides a history of the theory and practice of private property along with the inevitable discussion of Keynes, cyclical depressions, overproduction...Even Broadway is included in, when he blames our phoney expense account living for the ""lousy, lavish"" musicals now crowding the boards. Attention to the role of corporations and the federal government, the pros and cons of trusts, the managerial class (both here and in Russia) are probed in such a way as to point out the immense humanistic possibilities which lie ahead -- if we survive. Pertinent and perspicacious.

ISBN: 0313210012
Publisher: Random House