TOO GRAVE A RISK: The Connally Amendment Issue by Denison Kitchel

TOO GRAVE A RISK: The Connally Amendment Issue

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The Connally Amendment has generated a certain amount of heat since 1946, when the Senator from Texas inserted six little words into the resolution concerning United States acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction of the World Court. The issue is national sovereignty and the six little words are ""as determined by the United States"". To one way of thinking, this reservation indicates bad faith weakening the possibility of the court's effectiveness. To another, it seems a necessary safeguarding of the national right to the control of domestic issues. The author is in the second group. His analysis of the present, unexciting activities of the World Court, the sketchy basis of the selection of its judges, the obvious reservations of the other nations involved and certain implications for the ture are succinctly -- sometimes persuasively -- put. Barry Goldwater supplied the preface, which indicates the probable market.

Publisher: Morrow