HOW TO PICK UP A MAN by Dian Hanson


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Like Alexandra Penney's How to Make Love to a Man (1981), this has a built-in audience: women who want to practice the highly-touted new assertiveness with men, but are not quite sure how to proceed. And like Penney's book, it contains some suggestions that sound halfway decent, some that sound fully indecent, and a few that are plain degrading. (Do we really want to approach a stranger on the dance floor with the words, ""How about a drink then, I'm a little overheated""?) After the usual spiel about getting in there and pitching, Hanson--managing editor of the men's magazine Oui--tests us for our natural tendencies toward active or passive behavior, then classifies tips by personality-type (active behavior is quicker, but the so-called passive gets the job done too). Morning, Hanson advises, is the best time to pick up men: their sex hormone levels are at a peak, but custom prevents them from assuming that an approach at that hour is sexual. Newsstands, laundro-mats, diners, and jogging routes are all recommended for the first light of dawn, while afternoon lends itself to business-district bars, record or book stores, and pet stores. The myriad night-school possibilities warrant their own chapter; but singles bars figure mostly in relation to a one-night stand. ""Special"" kinds of men get special nods: hunt down the Rich Older Man in ""expensive, traditional men's stores""; the doctor of every mother's dream is more easily engaged by a hospital receptionist than by a nurse. Much of this, amusingly, is old-fashioned husband-hunting keyed to the times (Hanson's husband was a onetime pick-up); and like Eric Weber's How to Pick Up Girls, it will probably do very well indeed.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1982
Publisher: Putnam