HIGH WIZARDRY by Diane Duane


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A precocious young wizard breaks Satan's power, reverses entropy, and is home in time for supper. Dairine is the superbright, bratty young sister of Nita, whose earlier adventures were chronicled in So You Want to Be a Wizard (1983) and Deep Wizardry (1985). Jealous of her sister's powers, Dairine jumps at the opportunity provided by the discovery that her parents' new Apple IIIC+ is a software-based wizard's manual that enables her to spin off through the known and unknown universe, leaving behind hard computer copies of both herself and the computer. She finds a planet that is an entire CLSI (Cosmically Large Scale Integrated) computer chip where she creates a race of compassionate computers--inadvertently luring the Lone One (Satan, or Beelzebub), who wants to sell his seductive invention, death, to the new race. With the help of Nita and a surly parrot who is really a Power, Dairine defeats the Lone One. Death is vanquished, and the universe stops expanding. While cosmologists and computer scientists may sputter in indignation over this, the sheer effrontery of the plot--coupled with the gritty charm of the characters and the sprightly dialogue of these credible siblings--makes for enormous fun. Seldom have thermodynamics and theology been so soundly bested.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1990
Page count: 270pp
Publisher: Delacorte