REBELLIOUS PROPHET: A Life of Nicolai Berdyaev by Donald A. Lowrie

REBELLIOUS PROPHET: A Life of Nicolai Berdyaev

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Written but twelve years after Berdyaev's death, this biography of the great Russian religious philosopher does not pretend to be ""definitive"". But the author, Dr. Donald A. Lowrie, a long-time colleague of Bordyaev, has given a first-rate story of the life of the man whose writing has made such a great contribution to the world of theology and philosophy. His writing, indeed, acquires a deeper significance and greater warmth against the background of Berdyaev's own struggles with himself, his friends, and the revolutionary world which made him an exile from his own land. His was a search for spiritual freedom which caused him to challenge the state, the established church, and the world, but it led him to be at home in the world of the spirit beyond time. This made him a lonely man, but a prophet with a message to the modern world he saw being born. He has light to share with today's thoughtful seekers after truth. All such will find his biography enjoyable and immensely helpful.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1960
Publisher: Harper